can i get that on the side, please?

While at the “store” yesterday buying a sativa-dominant strain of pot, i found myself across from my budtender “Frank” who kept saying things like – “since this has practically no THC you won’t have any psychosis effects”.

Huh? And “for the psychosis properties that people enjoy, you need a strain with higher THC than this”.

It took me a moment to put my finger on it, but then i tried to tell him as gently as i could that the word he wanted was probably psychoactive. “Psychosis is when your reality and others’ is different. Psychosis is what gets me locked up. Psychosis is believing that the ATM machine in the corner is your Aunt Fran having coffee.” A small flicker of enlightenment crossed his face and i felt like maybe i had spared him embarrassment down the line. I wonder where people learn to be a budtender. Is it all on the job training?

For me, i’ii take my psychosis on the side, to go.




I did a bit of shopping today. I had pretty much decided to buy a vaporizer for smoking pot earlier this week. Then this morning i got a text that my local dispensary was having a sale to celebrate Oklahoma legalizing medical MJ. A plan was set. The dispensary is 2 doors down from the vape dealer and, as it turns out, next door to a head shop that would sell me my first grinder.

I went to the dispensary (the “store”) to buy a CBD dominant strain to pair with my current indica -mag landrace – to make an infused oil with hopefully, nearly equal parts THC and CBD to use as a sleeping/pain elixir. I will look the recipe up online tomorrow. The CBD strain is called ACDC. The strain i got at the sale is called Matriarch, smells lovely, not much info on Leafly about it. Need to keep researching.

Then i popped 2 doors down and bought a vaporizer that i can use with flower, oils or cartridges. I also bought a blueberry flavored cartridge of pure CBD oil just to try with my new vaporizer.

And then to the head where i found a lovely blue metal grinder with a final tray that catches the keef i’ve apparently been wasting by smushing my pot between my fingers AND it comes with a tiny plastic keef scraper-upper as well. The vape guy told me to heat my collected keef in a 200 degree oven for 30 mins. and it kinda turns into a hash-like consistency which can then be sprinked over flower and enjoyed. I will definitely try this.

So, to review: today i bought a vaporizer, a grinder, a cartridge of CBD oil, and 2 new MMJ strains to try.


don’t look too closely

In an attempt to “manage” my cannabis-induced overeating, i decided a couple of minutes ago to make a preemptive fruit salad that will be ready and chilled and handy when my brain screams “i am fucking starving’ even if it has only been an hour since dinner.

Now, while wearing my bifocals has most definitely helped me in my endeavors to keep the blue dog and myself free of deer ticks and their brethren, i cannot recommend their use in making fruit salad. I believe the saying – “ignorance is bliss” is highly applicable in this instance. When i put my glasses on to aid in seeing and thus removing any errant stems from my blueberries, i found myself faced with the truth.

Most fruit that looks perfectly perfect sans glasses does, in fact, bear the marks and imperfections of reality. Luckily, this knowledge has not changed my feelings about eating said, world-impacted, authentic food. I find that i must simply make my “healthier choice” without my glasses on and believe that all will be fine. Like usual.


captains cake

Did not remind me of cake, which was a bit disappointing to a certifiable cake-lover. CC is a 70/30 indica/sativa hybrid. It has a lovely aroma, just not cake. I started smoking a little earlier than my usual b/c i had bought some fresh mozzarella and was making pasta and i wanted to. Good news – i did not lose my motivation or momentum for cooking, which sometimes smoking can derail. I think the technical term is distraction. I stayed focused, besides which, i like cooking and dinner was yummy and cheesy.

My onset of sleep was a bit longer than expected so i suspect this strain may be a little stimulating for night use. I also continued to wake every few hours during the night and did a bong hit of CC before returning to bed. The munchies continue to prevail over my peri-nocturnal hours and i can’t understand why i don’t have more self control. Bad, just so bad.

I am, otherwise, drug free. Except for caffeine in the morning, so this seems like a reasonable trial of the different strains available. So far. TBH, i am craving some chemical stimulation right now. Caffeine is a good start but i could go for a nuvigil fueled day and even have an interest in some coke, if i could find a reliable source. I just feel the need to get busy.


Mag Landrace strain

I think i am going to use this blog to journal my newly launched project of sampling different strains of medical pot. I received the states’ verdant ( get it – green like the flower and the cash surrounding it) approval the day before yesterday and set out for the local dispensary last evening.

The only pot i have ever had that came with a name was Death Star, a couple of years ago. I really liked it- high THC content, lovely aroma, 2 or 3 bong hits that knocked me on my ass and led to a good nights’ rest. Yesterday, i told the budtender my objectives : help with insomnia and repeated waking during the night, anxiety and an unquiet head, continued sciatica and lower back pain, and maybe a strain with higher THCV that helps suppress appetite. I directly blame the munchies for my obesity. Ok, the fact that i am addicted to most forms of sugar has not helped either. One snag with higher THCV levels is that those strains tend to be energizing, not a desired effect when trying to get some sleep. Maybe a combo of 2 or 3 strains will be the key.

Anyway, i bought 3.5 grams of Mag Landrace, 1 gm of Captains Cake, and 1 gm of Smores at the suggestion of my budtender. Came to a little under $100.00 I smoked several bong hits of Mag Landrace (ML) before bed.

My review : I fell asleep easily, but woke up multiple times during the night at 1 1/2 to 2 hour intervals. I still had my previous flower out on the sink, so when i woke up i just loaded it and did 2 hits to get back to sleep, so not a good trial of ML. Needed to top off 3 or 4 times last night. AND then the fucking smoke detectors -2- went off at 555am and scared the shit out of me and Blue. I just now ripped both of them down b/c they are still going off. I wonder if it is b/c the humidity is @ 98% here.

I’m not interested in a daytime strain because i have to drive to the farm daily and i know i’m impaired after smoking. Maybe one day i will experiment with daytime strains to see if i can find one not too impairing. I could use the help for my back pain which flares while walking the dogs and i’d rather not take NSAIDS if i can avoid it.

Plan : tonight only ML. When the munchies hit, fruit salad only, not half a bag of pistachios like last night.


medical marijuana in southern maryland

So, i have finally managed to get my shit together and have taken all the steps required to obtain a medical marijuana card (MMC) from the state of Maryland. First, you must have what the state considers a “qualifying condition” and obtain copies of a record that supports this. Then, one must complete an application for the card online, then get a “recommendation” from a registered provider, then wait to receive the states’ okey dokey to be issued a registration number and card, and then i can visit a local dispensary to discuss my needs with a knowledgable budtender. Currently, i am waiting for the state’s approval of my application – can take 45 days or so.

When i went to see the nearest registered M.D. i was struck by the feeling of farcity (is that a word?) of the process. She was/is a practicing internal med. physician, of advancing years and quite pleasant but i came away thinking what a non-actual medical consult i had just had and wondering if she ever declines a prospective MMJ pts’. request. I also thought about what an easy – read boring – way to spend one’s day and unique abilities. Maybe i’m just jealous.

This whole process could be daunting for folks with limited computer skills (like me), not to mention the cash outlay required. Due to the feds., at this time one must pay with cash – no banking allowed. The visit to the M.D. for a recommendation costs $200.00 and if i want an actual, got-it-in-my-hand card ( so you can prove you’re legal to a cop i guess), it’s another $50.00 please. At the dispensary it’s cash only, but they do take debit cards – again just cash.

I needed help from my sister to complete the online application as well. Thanks, D. (uploading passport style photos and photos of my drivers license). Simple for many, but not all of us. I’m concerned that for many who may want to try MMJ or need to move from taking whatever they can buy on the street to choosing a strain with known attributes, the cost and/or rigmorole of getting a MMC may be too much. Especially the cost.

A lot of people who might benefit from the medicinal qualities of MMJ are disabled, unable to work, and just don’t have hundreds of dollars at their disposal for discretionary spending. I guess that until marijuana is legal recreationally, or recognized as a valid, therapeutic drug covered by insurance there will be barriers to those who may need it most.

And $50.00 for a plastic card – really, Maryland?

BTW – i did attend my brother’s after-party last weekend and it was fine, fun actually. The people i was afraid of seeing again after 40-some years were just wonderful, i had a great time. Life is so much better when you’re not depressed. Duh.


6/21/18 11am Update – today i became a legal pot-head! Maryland approved my application and it only took 14 days. Now, off to do some shopping.

off to west virginia

Despite my earlier in the month prediction that there was mo fucking way i would be up for the trip to WV to attend my brothers’ “after party”, here i sit at 645 am swilling coffee on the couch and finalizing my plans and need-to-remembers in my head.

Luckily i cycled into hypomania a few weeks back and the mood has held. Where the shadow of actually attending today had previously summoned forth the great gods of apathy and shame, now it seems like no big deal. Granted, i’m not yet on the road or dealing with Beltway traffic, or pissed off because, of course, it has to fucking rain today but i think i’m good.

I confirmed that my father is not attending or my staying home would have been a no-brainer. I was going to give him first dibs because Scott was his son before my brother. But i think the old man is stuck at home taking care of his crazy-ass wife. Serves him right. Not that she’s crazy, just that she is and always has been a grand pain in the ass.

Neighbors of my sister have agreed to look after her farm and critters and have, gratefully, said that i can leave Blue with her cousins for the day. I plan to be back later tonight so it won’t be a big bother to Blue.

OK, the clock just chimed 7 am so i must get off my ass and make this happen. I hope i don’t get the sads and cry all day.