we hate ticks

With the too-rapid onset of summer in the mid-atlantic, the local ticks – the lone star, the blacklegged tick or deer tick, and the american dog tick – are out and about. I’ve had a few feeding on me and Blue has had more. Her monthly flea/tick topical seems to poop out a little before the 30 days.

Two days ago, Blue was scooting on her butt and i considered an anal gland issue as my first r/o. However, when i tried to check them, Blue became highly offended and bounded out of my grasp. I’ll try again later.

Next, i considered a piece of grass {she’s been grazing a lot lately} that she couldn’t budge. A quick glance and nothing green seen. I’ve helped her before-it’s easy to pull out.

Finally, today, a good look and it turns out to have been a tick – attached and feeding right on her a-hole. Damned annoying i’d expect. Poor Blue , butt {ha} i got it.

So, basically, we hate ticks.

After the first tick of the season, i turn into someone that thinks every odd sensation might be a tick and must be checked.

They must exist for some reason. I’m sure something eats them {thank you}. They suck your blood and can give you a potentially lethal parasite or infection.
Which brings me to something i found in the Post. There is an organization who, for a limited time, is offering free tick testing. The website to fill out their info card and get directions is bayarealyme.org. Your location doesn’t matter. After they have finished, they send you the findings. I’ve sent in 2 ticks so far. They are trying to see which ticks are where and what organisms they’re carrying or not.

I use an insect repellent but they find a way in.

I have thought before that my mentalness could be because of undiagnosed Lyme disease. I had 1 negative Lyme test 3 or 4 years ago. I might check it again soon.

So, watch for ticks. Doc