can i get that on the side, please?

While at the “store” yesterday buying a sativa-dominant strain of pot, i found myself across from my budtender “Frank” who kept saying things like – “since this has practically no THC you won’t have any psychosis effects”.

Huh? And “for the psychosis properties that people enjoy, you need a strain with higher THC than this”.

It took me a moment to put my finger on it, but then i tried to tell him as gently as i could that the word he wanted was probably psychoactive. “Psychosis is when your reality and others’ is different. Psychosis is what gets me locked up. Psychosis is believing that the ATM machine in the corner is your Aunt Fran having coffee.” A small flicker of enlightenment crossed his face and i felt like maybe i had spared him embarrassment down the line. I wonder where people learn to be a budtender. Is it all on the job training?

For me, i’ii take my psychosis on the side, to go.



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