I did a bit of shopping today. I had pretty much decided to buy a vaporizer for smoking pot earlier this week. Then this morning i got a text that my local dispensary was having a sale to celebrate Oklahoma legalizing medical MJ. A plan was set. The dispensary is 2 doors down from the vape dealer and, as it turns out, next door to a head shop that would sell me my first grinder.

I went to the dispensary (the “store”) to buy a CBD dominant strain to pair with my current indica -mag landrace – to make an infused oil with hopefully, nearly equal parts THC and CBD to use as a sleeping/pain elixir. I will look the recipe up online tomorrow. The CBD strain is called ACDC. The strain i got at the sale is called Matriarch, smells lovely, not much info on Leafly about it. Need to keep researching.

Then i popped 2 doors down and bought a vaporizer that i can use with flower, oils or cartridges. I also bought a blueberry flavored cartridge of pure CBD oil just to try with my new vaporizer.

And then to the head where i found a lovely blue metal grinder with a final tray that catches the keef i’ve apparently been wasting by smushing my pot between my fingers AND it comes with a tiny plastic keef scraper-upper as well. The vape guy told me to heat my collected keef in a 200 degree oven for 30 mins. and it kinda turns into a hash-like consistency which can then be sprinked over flower and enjoyed. I will definitely try this.

So, to review: today i bought a vaporizer, a grinder, a cartridge of CBD oil, and 2 new MMJ strains to try.



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