don’t look too closely

In an attempt to “manage” my cannabis-induced overeating, i decided a couple of minutes ago to make a preemptive fruit salad that will be ready and chilled and handy when my brain screams “i am fucking starving’ even if it has only been an hour since dinner.

Now, while wearing my bifocals has most definitely helped me in my endeavors to keep the blue dog and myself free of deer ticks and their brethren, i cannot recommend their use in making fruit salad. I believe the saying – “ignorance is bliss” is highly applicable in this instance. When i put my glasses on to aid in seeing and thus removing any errant stems from my blueberries, i found myself faced with the truth.

Most fruit that looks perfectly perfect sans glasses does, in fact, bear the marks and imperfections of reality. Luckily, this knowledge has not changed my feelings about eating said, world-impacted, authentic food. I find that i must simply make my “healthier choice” without my glasses on and believe that all will be fine. Like usual.



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