Sharing germs

I started feeling ill – sore throat – on Thanksgiving day morning. I got rapidly worse and had to cancel dinner plans with my sister and brother-in-law that evening. Just as well, i thought at the time, because i was fighting with my BIL over hunting on the farm. I told my sister to tell her husband that i would fight with him another day. He has always accused my family of choosing not to fight it out when issues arise, but i intend to show him i’m quite capable of it when i feel better.

My symptoms have been limited to upper respiratory so i’m thinking a cold or perhaps a flu virus. What has surprised me is that i seem to have passed the infection onto my dog, Blue. She was well for the first 2 days of my crapiness – which made play with her (which she demands) tedious. But, on Sunday she refused to get out of my bed, refused to eat, drank water once and was moving stiffly, as if in pain. She’s clearly ill.

I did a very little research and, while rare, it seems that we can share cold and flu viruses. I did not know (or maybe remember) this.
She did eat a tiny bit this morning so i think she’ll be ok.

In general things are slowly changing. The work on the house continues as we are now laying the wood floors. But everything goes too slow for me.

I found a psychiatric nurse practitioner for med management and will not darken the door of my shrink again. She’s been changing my meds around and that has fucked me up a bit. At first she wanted to “put a cap” on my hypomania with Abilfy but i gained 6 pounds in 3 weeks and i said no more. Next she decided to try Depakote but after 3 weeks i felt dissociated most of the time. So, for now, i’ve increased my Wellbutrin and frankly hope to get some of my “hypo” energy back. I need it if i’m going to last through my house remodel. Doc


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