thank you blue and brain….

Oh my god, oh my god….

Earlier, Blue was sniffing around the woodpile on my carport, which she often does when hunting blue-tailed skinks. This time, however, she was unusually jumpy and not as vocal. And for good reason, because as the next door neighbor kids i hired to move the wood got into the pile a bit, we all heard the telltale sound of a snake shaking it’s tail in the leaves as a warning.

Turns out there were two juvenile copperheads in the pile of wood and accumulated leaves!!!!! Both about a foot and a half long and quite capable of delivering a dangerous bite. Poor things. They tried to warn us off, but both lost their heads in the end.

Because i do shit like this, when their heads were safely detached from their body i used a stick to open one’s mouth and check out the fangs. So cool. The fangs were about a half inch long, which seemed long but i guess they have to be long enough to get through fur and skin. By this time, Blue was going apeshit in the kitchen, so i let her out and gave her a body to do what dogs do with snakes. She’s been “playing” with it for about an hour now. “STFU with the barking Blue, i know about the snake – i gave it to you”.

I cleared away all the leaves and empty sunflower seed shells (i get why the snakes were there) and the kids re-piled the wood and i’ve stopped shaking and sweating.

So, thank you Blue for not giving up and for acting different enough for me to notice and thank you brain for not blowing off her anomalous behavior.


PS: while all the snake business was unfolding, i got a text from my sister telling me that my reminder for next weeks’ psych. appt was called to my father, my childhood abuser. WTF? So much for HIPPA and their rules. According to the office supervisor, she offered that “they must have taken his number from hospital paperwork ( from YEARS before ). I am freaking pissed off. I’m serial.


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