I’ve never been robbed before

I’m shaking all over and trying not to cry but i want to. This morning when i checked my wallet to make sure i had cash to tip my hairdresser, i found my wallet empty. I had about $70.00 in there.

I immediately went upstairs to check the contents of my lock box – where i keep emergency cash and an important selection of medication – you know, in case of the zombie (or trump ) apocalypse. Approx. $700.00 AND some leftover hydrocodone was missing!!!! It appears my stash of antibiotics, steroids , psych meds etc. are untouched but when i am calmer i will check more closely.

For the past 5 weeks, i have had several young men in my house working to repair old, peeling drywall in preparation for painting (and other fabulous ideas i have). I generally – despite what my T says/thinks – trust people. Until they fuck me over and then it is SO over.

I have tried to think clearly and not leap to accusations but i find i can neither offer an alternative nor believe that anyone but one of these people have stolen from me.

I’ve contacted and now spoken to the owner of the business, who has come and removed the young man that was working this morning.
The owner’s stated plan is to discharge the kid that’s here and try to ascertain who is responsible. According to him, there could be someone else ( who has also been in my house ) involved.

1:45pm update – I just got a call from the kid (j) who was here today and he confessed to stealing the cash and taking the narcotics – which he claims he sold. He says he robbed me weeks ago which pissed me off further b/c how dare he steal from me and then show up here day in and day out like nothing happened. I am so mad right now. I told j that i hope he realizes he will be spending time in jail for this – but i’m bluffing, i’m just trying to scare the shit out of him and make him think. I’m not trying to make this worse or ruin his chances at turning this around, but i don’t want to hear any lip about how sorry he is and how ashamed he is of himself.

What’s bothering me also is how or even DO i proceed with this company?

3:20pm update – I have met with the owner again. He seems sincere and as upset as i feel. He has offered to bring in an older, more experienced drywaller to finish the job, if i agree to continue doing business with his company. I have agreed to let them finish the job. I was going to hire this handyman company to go onto the painting, the installation of my new hardwood floors, and the bathroom remodels BUT now, i need time to think.
PS: o yeah, the owner also has 48 hours to pay me back the money that was stolen ( i uped the amount by $300.00 for pain and suffering – mine) and have asked him not to tell j that his arrest is not pending. I think a little worried squirming will do the boy good.



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