i could have poisoned him

Not that i would.  Maybe i’m just a little paranoid at the moment.  Not that i believe someone is going to poison me but i’m just a little more aware of “possibilities” today.

The “him” i reference is one of the young men currently working day after day in my house doing drywall repair. ( I just had to angle the laptop screen so that he can’t see what i’m writing. )    I think i’m just growing tired of the constant presence of people in  my space.  All of which i initiated, of course.  They didn’t descend on me uninvited.   Still, i am more than ready for it to be over.

The young worker took yesterday off because of shoulder pain.  Another delay.  So, when he arrived at the house this morning i asked if he had taken anything for the pain.  He told me no, he didn’t have anything to take.  “Here, take this naproxen” and he promptly swallowed it.

Obviously, he trusts me.  But, for some reason, i fantasized about how easy it would have been to deceive him and slip him a fatal potion.

I need to find something else to do.



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