canine crazies

My 2 year old dog, Blue, appears to be hallucinating today. I was having a pee earlier when she came into the bathroom and started looking intently at the tub. I pulled the shower curtain back a bit and sat and watched her.

She held her soft, brown ears up and forward as she looked inside the tub. I couldn’t hear or see a damned thing but she looked repeatedly from one spot to another a little further up the wall. I got down on my hands and knees to look from her perspective and i only found one small ant, and he wasn’t where she was looking. Occasionally, she’d glance at me. Not sure what she was asking or sharing with me.

I can’t recall any of my clients ever telling me they thought their dog was hallucinating. Cats- well, you just can’t tell. I was just reading about mental illness in animals. Maybe that’s why i noticed today, maybe she’s been hallucinating all along. Maybe it’s ‘normal’ for them.

I have always thought she has doggy ADHD, which the breed literature describes as ‘high energy.’ Mmmmm…i don’t think so.



5 responses to “canine crazies

  1. Perhaps she was seeing into a parallel dimension……

    Seriously, mental illness in animals? Let’s see, what can I think of….ok, depression, anxiety, OCD, ADHD (“Squirrel Syndrome”)…I had an Appaloosa that I’m certain had Antisocial Personality Disorder…..what else?

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