What the hell have I been doing.

It’s hard to believe that I haven’t written here since Nov. 2016.  But, it is what it is. I’m still dicking around with my meds.  Currently on Wellbutrin for an AD and it’s sorta, kinda  lightening my mood.  My other psych meds are unchanged.

Blue is now 18 months old. kinda small for her breed, she weighs 44lbs.  Should be about 10 lbs heavier and a bit taller.  But I can still pick her up if needed. I let her have 2 estrus cycles because research has shone that waiting for 2 cycles does not increase her risk of breast cancer while it does improve musculoskeletal development and overall growth and maturity.  She came through the surgery without complications aside from me occasionally freaking out (over nothing).  Currently Blue is away for one on one training so she can be a better canine citizen and  we can return to walking on the farm without the fear that she will stalk and kill more chickens and cats and other small beasts.

Still in therapy weekly and pdoc appts. every month or two.  Probably a waste of everyone’s time.

I’ve had some physical health problems that started over the holidays.  I had a lower GI bleed, relatively minor.  The GI workup started with a CT which revealed a swollen left colon, fatty infiltration of my liver, and a newly discovered pericardial effusion.  So, before the GI will scope me, I’ve had a cardiac w/u and echo.  Currently waiting on the results. I was on 2 weeks of cipro and  metronidazole (which made me very nauseated and cranky).  I was also instructed to eat a low fiber diet, which after years of trying to add fiber to my diet, I am finding difficult and I cheat a lot.  Still binging on sugar – which has to stop.

Some good news, I recently discovered a $45,000 math error I had made – in my favor- and decided to buy a new truck.  I’m probably going to get a 2017 Ford F-150 with  LOTS of things that aren’t in my 2004 truck.  Currently waiting on the dealer to find what I want and make a reasonable offer.

So, while Blue has been away, I have returned to sleeping in and lying on the couch in my pj’s all day.  I do miss it even though Blue has made my life better.      Doc