I know it’s my problem…

I’ve read a couple of blog entries where folks complain or explain their reactions to a therapist changing something. At times I haven’t understood their ferocity or devastation about the change.

I think now that it is deeply personal and hard to understand when it happens to others. Like a lot of things.

My point: yesterday, my T asked if I could come in early on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Only 15 mins. early. He knew that I already have trouble getting in at 8:30A on normal days/weeks. I am not a morning person. What upset me was how he asked – “if you want to talk, can you come in 15 mins. early? I’m the only social worker working that day and i’d like to get in early, if possible.”

IF I want to talk?

The rest of the day my mood steadily decayed after playing it over and over in my head. I finally came to the realization that I see therapy as a treatment, a process that might help me, a sometimes difficult but necessary evil. But my T obviously does not share my expectations of his work.

It’s confusing and hurtful to see the truth.

So, I decided I would wait until the beginning of the week to 1) see if I shift my head to his side, or 2) if I find something I HAVE to talk about before I text him and just cancel.

I guess I entered into therapy with the wrong ideas, the wrong expectations and clearly that’s my fault, not his. Should I just quit? Doc.


They don’t have a clue

At my recent shrink appt. I told him I was stopping the Trintellix because 1) it wasn’t helping, 2) I was tired of being nauseous every day, and 3) at $150.00 per month after insurance it was too expensive for my means.

He accepted this without fanfare, then offered me a new medication to try,  Latuda.   He told me he would start me off with some samples – which he did.  He also mumbled something about how if I thought it was too expensive to fill the Rx,  I could return the samples if unopened.  Hmm, I thought, this doesn’t sound good.

After 3 or 4 days on the samples without side effects, I decided to look into the cost of filling the Rx at the local Walgreens.  I thought it was a mistake but after checking, in person,  with the pharmacy I was told my co-pay for a month’s worth is $960.00.


So, i stopped taking the samples and am planning to return them to him along with a printout from Walgreens so he can (hopefully) see what he is asking people to do.    Doc.