I disagree

I’ve been arguing with my shrink again about whether there is any “valid scientific evidence” to support my contention that pot can be a helpful drug for mental health problems.  He says no.   I tell him that there is plenty of anecdotal evidence that it is but most importantly, it is helpful to me.  He retreats a bit behind his statement that “that is not my area of expertise.”  OK.  I understand but don’t condemn it because you haven’t kept up with current research.  In the end we agree to disagree and as usual I walk out with the ICD  code of F12.20  or cannabis dependence, uncomplicated in the record.

My therapist seems to be embracing pot as a component of getting through my day and recently suggested I use it more on a schedule “like pain meds”, so my blood levels won’t fluctuate as much.  Will think about this a bit.

I also told my psychiatrist not to ask me ever again if i’m planning to go home and kill myself. I told him that this question at every visit often sends me home to self harm and at times feels like a suggestion from him.  He looked confused, then hurt.  “What am I supposed to say to see if you’re safe?”  I told him I didn’t know just not those words.  I asked him if anyone else had told him it was a triggering question and he said no.  I told him that if I was suicidal and I wanted him to know, I would tell him.

Not much else to say.  Doc