Falling down

I’ve wondered before what signs of approaching agedness  I would exhibit and would I recognize them or just wake up one day and realize I was old.  I think I know now.  It’s not the graying hair or memory issues or the fairly regular invitations by mail to join AARP, it’s falling down.  I’ve always been a bit clumsy but I usually managed to stay on my feet, if I wanted.  But, in the last 4 or 5 years, I’ve noticed I am ending up on the floor or pavement or in the creek more often.

I would never claim to be graceful, but actually hitting the ground makes me feel both 2 years old and 80 years old.  Yesterday was my latest fall.  Sober, awake and not day dreaming I managed to fall down the steps at the recycle place.  Of course, it was in front of  a woman with her bag of empty cans which just makes me feel more stupid and incapable of navigating the normal world.   This time though, I was unhurt just scraped a bit.  In my head, I was thinking “Well, I guess that proves that I don’t have osteoporosis because that could have broken something.”

Other falls have resulted in a fractured wrist, busting open a fresh incision resulting in an infection (fell into a creek walking the dog), a sprained back and a medial meniscus tear.  I really couldn’t afford a more serious injury because taking care of Blue requires I that can lift her up and drive the truck and function.

So, other than a sore back and a few bruises, I guess I got lucky.  I wonder, do people ever fall up?  Doc



4 responses to “Falling down

  1. Sorry to hear about the falls. I fall all the time too. So did my dad. I think it has something to do with the general neurologic instability of our **ahem** unusual brains. I know I’ve got a left foot drop that I forget about all the time, probably left over from one of the innumerable childhood head injuries. I’m forever catching my toe on some little uneven spot in the whatever.
    Now I use a walking stick when I remember to take it, and that prevents a lot of falls. Miss Dog was skeptical at first, but now she knows it’s just an extra appendage, one of many strange things I do. Like getting a new Malligator puppy next week! I must be nuts 😆

      • I haven’t got him yet, going to get him starting tomorrow. He’s in Michigan. He’s already retrieving, knows sit, come, down, and started tracking today. His breeder is a professional trainer and got herself does Schutzhund. Her two studs are multiple SchH 3’s, IPO 3, tracking titles, AKC obedience up to Utility, etc etc etc. She does it for the love of it. I can’t wait to meet my little boy! I don’t know how Atina is going to take this…we live in a camper! Not much room for squabbles.

  2. I dunno — I’ve gotten AARP materials and I’m still in my early 30s. I also trip and/or fall pretty often b/c I’m royally clumsy. Fortunately I’ve never been seriously hurt that way. But I literally sometimes cannot round a corner at a walking pace without hitting the wall with my shoulder. I never knew what was wrong with me, but always figured I have some kind of physiological/kinesthetic screw loose. I guess I better watch out when I get older. And get plenty of calcium and vitamin D…

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