Falling down

I’ve wondered before what signs of approaching agedness  I would exhibit and would I recognize them or just wake up one day and realize I was old.  I think I know now.  It’s not the graying hair or memory issues or the fairly regular invitations by mail to join AARP, it’s falling down.  I’ve always been a bit clumsy but I usually managed to stay on my feet, if I wanted.  But, in the last 4 or 5 years, I’ve noticed I am ending up on the floor or pavement or in the creek more often.

I would never claim to be graceful, but actually hitting the ground makes me feel both 2 years old and 80 years old.  Yesterday was my latest fall.  Sober, awake and not day dreaming I managed to fall down the steps at the recycle place.  Of course, it was in front of  a woman with her bag of empty cans which just makes me feel more stupid and incapable of navigating the normal world.   This time though, I was unhurt just scraped a bit.  In my head, I was thinking “Well, I guess that proves that I don’t have osteoporosis because that could have broken something.”

Other falls have resulted in a fractured wrist, busting open a fresh incision resulting in an infection (fell into a creek walking the dog), a sprained back and a medial meniscus tear.  I really couldn’t afford a more serious injury because taking care of Blue requires I that can lift her up and drive the truck and function.

So, other than a sore back and a few bruises, I guess I got lucky.  I wonder, do people ever fall up?  Doc