Dentistry and other shit

I had the pleasure of getting a root canal yesterday. The dentist told me the tooth had 4 roots, not the expected 2 and that this was “the most unusual” tooth he had worked on. Fame at last. Managed to bite my tongue while it was numbed up and that is actually more tender today than my jaw. I needed repeated doses of artecaine (local anesthesia) to become completely anesthetized and the journey to this plane of unfeeling was an unpleasant one. My current pain management strategy consists of Aleve, tramadol, and, of course, pot. Works well enough, thankfully. It cost a fortune and Medicare does not cover dental. Guess I can forget about buying a waterfront home (pipe dream.)

Met a new voice this week. Not sure what he wants yet. All he does is say my name. First time he shouted it at me. Scared the fuck out of me. But, now, he says it in a normal tone of voice. I suspect he is connected somehow to Wolf, but I haven’t figured out how just yet.

Discovered that I can sit on my ass on the carport, smoking, and the handful of neighbors who pass by walking their dogs and feel they have to stop and say howdy fills my “people fix.” No need to ever leave the house.

Still struggling to figure out how to continue to avoid going to my Mom’s and not reveal that I am a shit daughter who can’t deal with normal life events. I know that my sister-in-law is due to leave for a long awaited cruise with her sister and niece in mid-September. My brother is not joining them. Well, they all got together and decided that my little sister would go down to care for them. Didn’t ask me. Score! The problem is that my brother is planning to be there while his wife is away and my sister “absolutely, fucking hates him.” She told me she had to fight a nearly overwhelming desire to scream “Fuck you” several times and run away when they where both there together last time. I think I could handle going down to help my sister IF he is not there. My sister perked up considerably and said “that would be fabulous!” when I said that maybe I could come down to help her. Now, I have to find a way to get him to go back home to WV without hurting his feelings. He really is trying to help but he is an ass and has always treated our little sister with disdain and near contempt, picking on her mercilessly. Good thing he doesn’t try that shit with me. Still, I don’t want to hurt him.

Mom is hanging on, having out-lived a prognosis of “one month without treatment.” Luckily, her current pain control regimen has eased some of her agony. Completely bedridden now. Eliminating into a diaper. I don’t know yet what, if any, decision has been made about what will happen to her husband when she’s gone. He’s too demented to care for himself and I worry that staying in their house after she dies will cause him anguish when he can’t find her because he’s forgotten that she has died. Re-living the news of her death over and over.

I did, finally, ask my sister for help with the insurance fuck up. It turns out that Medicare and CareFirst BCBS are fighting with each other over who should pay my (covered) bills. Apparently, I have to submit a request to both of them for a “co-ordination of benefits” review. But I was assured that one of them will pay the balance eventually and that I don’t need to. I think the same thing happened with 2013’s bills when I was sent a JHH statement telling me it was my responsibility and a collection agency began calling everyday. I didn’t know then to ask for a co-ordination of benefits review and out of ignorance and a desire to pay what I was told was my “self-pay” balance, I wrote a check for over $1100.00. I now suspect I was pressured into paying what the insurance should have covered (like now) and I want that money back. Fat chance, I bet. Cheating motherfuckers. It also causes me to wonder how many other people these insurance companies have cheated. People who don’t have a working knowledge of the insurance industry or a mentally capable relative to help them.

I wish it was November. Doc.