Skipping ECT today

This is my first post since being admitted to the John’s Hopkins Hospital psych. ward involuntarily on 3/12/14. I’ve had 8 ECT’S so far, but was a little confused after last Fridays’ treatment so, my shrink cancelled todays’ treatment. I think I’m going to have 2 to 4 more before we stop. Today is the 72nd day of my hospitalization. I’d really like to go home soon. I miss smoking pot and I miss smoking tobacco. My shrink wants me to stop smoking pot, citing “It’s like you have type 1 diabetes, but that is just not possible. My shrink asked for my outpatient therapist’s number so he can call him about doing DBT, but I’m not sure I gave him the right phone number (I don’t have my phone).
I’m sure my grass at home is going to need cutting soon and I need to move the firewood on the carport out to the end of the yard. I talked to my mother yesterday, and she said the hummingbirds are returning to her bushes, so they’re probably wondering where my feeders are.